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Through the use of advanced ultrasound, Neural Analytics is innovating brain health management with products that are accessible, portable and accurate.

The Future A Revolution in Brain Health Management

Conceptual rendering only. Not representative of any device. Neural Analytics’ technology is currently under FDA and CE mark review for the monitoring of blood flow in the cerebral vasculature. It is not available for commercial use or sale.

“The creation of a convenient, quantitative assessment system for the early detection of stroke is one of our most critical needs. We believe such a diagnostic tool will transform global patient management when it becomes available. We are thrilled to be the first site in the world to begin evaluation of this promising technology, which uses ultrasound to rapidly assess blood flow in the brain and may help healthcare professionals determine if a patient is suffering a stroke.”

Tom Devlin, MD -Medical Director of Erlanger’s Southeast Regional Stroke Center

“We need a portable tool to effectively look inside the brain and determine the extent of disease to help us significantly advance brain health in the 21st century,” said Neil Martin, MD and Chief of Neurosurgery at the University of California Los Angeles. “When approved by the FDA, these types of portable devices will revolutionize medical care by assisting physicians and first responders to quickly evaluate brain health and expedite treatment for many patients.”

Neil Martin, MD, FAANS -Chairman, Department of Neurosurgery, UCLA

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